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Iustitia est ars boni et aequi

Law is the art

of the good and the fair.

Ulpian from Celsus

The Chambers have been in existence since the year 2004. They consist of two closely cooperating individual chambers of advocates. The chambers were founded by advocate Janusz Goński and advocate Bartosz Kucharski.
The seat of the Chambers is situated in an antique tenement building right in the city centre of Łódź in close proximity to the junction of Piotrkowska and Narutowicza streets.

We provide service both to individual clients and to entrepreneurs from Poland as well as from the abroad. Apart from representation at court we offer other legal services such as: ongoing legal service for entrepreneurs, ad hoc legal advice, preparing legal opinions, preparing drafts of contracts, taking part in negotiations.

By use of modern techniques of long distance communication we are able to assure legal service in the whole territory of Poland.
We are driven by the rule, that all settlements with our clients shall be clear, intelligible and not generating any doubts at any stage of the case.

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